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Your Hotel

Are you an OCB Staff Member?

Please do not book a hotel room by yourself! Your International Mobility Officer (IMU) or event/training organizer will/has taken care of everything.

Check out the Traveling section on the OCB Intranet for more practical information about your journey

Are you an external visitor? (other MSF section, external to MSF but invited by someone at OCB, etc.)

External visitors should pay for their own accommodation and arrange refunding with their own section. However, as an external invited visitor to OCB, you can benefit from MSF‘s negotiated rates when booking a room. Please be aware that the negotiated rates are not always available. Ask your OCB counterpart to send you the information as available on the OCB Intranet.

What to do while in Brussels

Brussels is not only the capital of Europe, it is also a very exciting place to visit. If you have some time to spare, do not hesitate to consult the sites below to help you define your Brussels 'bucket list'.

Getting around
Security Warning !

Although Brussels is generally considered a safe city, please watch out for pickpockets and similar forms of street crime in the same way you would in any other large city.

Common-sense advice: you should bear in mind that the risk is higher in crowded places, such as public transport, railway stations or in the city centre. Avoid as much as possible isolated and poorly lit streets, especially late at night.

It is highly recommended that you keep your identity documents with you in a safe pocket and keep a copy of them in another safe place.

If your passport is in the office for visa purposes, make sure you carry a copy of it at all times and for those concerned, a copy of your Schengen visa as well.

In case you get robbed or assaulted, call immediately the police on 101.

Emergency numbers

101 - Police

100 - Medical emergency

112 - European emergency number